Event Venues

Finding the perfect venue for an event requires an understanding of exactly what you need to accommodate your event needs. For example, an intimate birthday party would be enhanced by using a smaller venue with a personal feel. If you tried to put that intimate party into a large hall, the size of the venue could take away from the warm feeling that you want at the event.

There are several important elements to look at when it comes to choosing an event venue. As the event planner, it is your job to make sure that you find a venue that enhances the event and makes it a complete success.

Location Is Important

If you are planning a corporate event that will have many out of town guests, then your venue needs to be on a major route and easy to find. A wedding event venue should be located at some point close to the church, or close to the location where the wedding pictures will be taken.

A good venue needs to be easily accessible by major travel routes, but it also needs to be in a location that makes the event special. A wedding reception held in a venue that is surrounded by a lush, green landscape would be preferable to a venue that overlooks a highway or a series of empty parking lots.

Be Sure To Get Enough Venue Space For The Event

Events such as corporate parties and weddings require staging areas. When you select a venue for your event, be sure that you get enough space to accommodate every element of the event. If your corporate gathering is going to have live entertainment, then you will need a green room or some kind of reception area for the performers.

Many banquet halls have access to small rooms that can be used as staging areas, but that may not be enough for your event. A wedding reception held in a luxurious hotel banquet room can be ideal if you can also get extra hotel rooms included in the package. This allows the bridal parties places they can go before the reception to prepare and unwind.

Understand What the Venue Includes With Each Event

Some large halls make great event venues, but the organizations that rent those halls are not always comprehensive operations. Does the venue come with catering? Does the venue have a wait staff and a staff of workers to do set-up before the event and clean-up afterwards? These are important questions to ask before finalizing your event.

Always remember that a "no frills" event venue is not always a bad idea. You may be able to save money by bringing in your own volunteers to help clean up afterwards and avoid paying for a staff to do the work.

Get Everything in Writing

It takes months to plan a wedding and the last thing you need on the day of the reception is to have the event venue staff tell you that an important service you were relying on is not part of the price you paid. As a thorough event planner, you need to make sure that you get everything in writing when it comes to what the venue will provide and the services that are included in your price.

This is especially true if you negotiated special arrangements for your event. Not only should you get those special arrangements in writing, you should personally visit the venue a week or two prior to the event to make certain that those special arrangements will still be honored.

Stay In Touch With the Venue

A big part of good event planning is staying vigilant when it comes to the venue. You should place a follow-up call to the event at least once a month after you have paid the deposit. In the month leading up to the event, you should call at least once every two weeks to make sure that the venue is prepared for your event and that there are no complications.

One of the biggest parts of creating the perfect event is finding the ideal venue. But any good event planner knows that finding the venue and putting down a deposit is not the end of the work that goes into securing a good venue. There are many details that need to be worked out and put in writing before you can consider the venue locked in for the event. Once the venue has been signed up, it is still necessary to follow up frequently and make sure that everything is prepared for your event.

If you want your event to go off as planned, then it is critical that you attend to the venue properly. A thorough event planner never leaves anything to chance when it comes to finding and utilizing the right venue.