Formal Wear

As you search for the most impressive formal garb to wear at the event, there are a few things that you should keep in mind that will help making the process of finding the right formal wear easier.

Always Read the Invitation for Information

In most cases, the invitation will tell you exactly what kind of formal attire is required for the event. You may even find a local rental place that is affiliated with the event and is offering discount prices to attendees.

The invitation will indicate the type of formal attire that is expected and any kind of themes that guests are encouraged to explore. For example, a formal event with a "Great Gatsby" theme could encourage guests to wear attire that has an early 20th century look to it.

Remember the Accessories

Just because an event requires formal attire does not mean that it cannot be fun. Accessories such as top hats, canes, and formal gloves for men can be extremely popular. Ladies are expected to accessorize at formal gatherings, so be sure that you look for the most lavish accessories you can find.

Ask the tailor you are using for your formal attire about accessory rentals. You will be surprised at what the tailor has to offer. You can also call around to see if any company rents jewelry and other accessories for formal events. If you are going to dress formal, then you might as well be as impressive as possible.

Always Go For Comfort

Formal attire that looks fantastic but is uncomfortable to wear is always a bad idea. You should work with the tailor to try and create that fantastic look with attire that is comfortable to wear. A formal event will last for hours and you will want to move around a lot at the event. When you wear uncomfortable attire, it can make your evening miserable and prevent you from enjoying the event.

Subtle Touches Can Be Interesting

A formal event is always enhanced when the guests get creative with their formal attire. For example, a formal tuxedo with a multi-colored vest meets the formal attire requirement, but also allows the guest to add a little fun to the event.

If you spend enough time looking for formal attire tailors, you will eventually find tailors that offer unique looks that will make your event more entertaining and fun. You should avoid trying to be a distraction with an outlandish outfit, but it is always fun to try a subtle fashion touch and see if anyone at the event notices.

Bring Backup Clothing

When you are talking to a tailor about your formal attire, or you are reviewing your personal formal attire to decide what to wear to an event, remember to always bring backup clothing just in case it is needed. Anything can happen, even at a formal event, and you do not want to be left wishing you had a contingency plan for your formal attire.

Be sure to bring a backup shirt and, if possible, a backup jacket as well. Ladies should consider bringing a formal wrap to cover up any incidents that could occur with their formal attire. When you plan ahead, then you are going to be able to compensate for problems and enjoy the event with peace of mind.

Formal Attire Should Inspire Formal Behavior

A formal event is constructed to be a reserved gathering where people can enjoy the festivities and avoid disorder. When you are invited to a formal event and take the time to acquire formal attire, you should also do your best to engage in formal behavior throughout the event. If you embarrass the event organizer, then it is possible that you will not be invited to future formal events. Since formal events are usually good places to network for valuable business and personal contacts, it is in your best interest to stay on the planner's good side.

A formal event is a chance for people to put on their best formal wear and enjoy the compliments that they get. As you search for your formal wear for an upcoming event, always try to find attire that will be functional as well as impressive. Since you will be spending hours in your formal wear during the duration of the event, it is always a good idea to find attire that is stylish, well fitting and functional as well.