Event Photographers

It takes months and months to plan an event, but the actual event can come and go in what seems like an instant. That is why every event planner needs to include a photographer in their planning process. The right photographer will help to capture an event and immortalize those important memories forever. The key here is to find the right photographer and make sure that you are comfortable with the photographer's abilities.

Hiring a Photographer

Photographers are artists who take their jobs very seriously. A good photographer will work hard to find the very best angles to get those important shots and preserve your memories forever.

If you feel that your event will need more than one photographer, then hire a main photographer and ask that professional to bring in others to help. A professional photographer who has a staff of other photographers working for them can coordinate the shots and stay out of your event's way.

Never Assume Your Photographer Is Also a Videographer

Not every photographer is a videographer and not every videographer is a photographer. You will find that the two are mutually exclusive and you will have to hire two professionals if you want both of these bases covered.

The convenient thing is that most photographers have videographers that they work with on a regular basis and the two often work well together at events. But it is critical that you inquire about a videographer if you want one and never assume that video is part of the photography package.

Get The Right Photographer For Your Event

If you are planning a wedding, then make sure that your photographer has wedding experience. As any experienced event planner will tell you, all photographers are not created equal. There is a particular protocol to capturing a wedding that is not part of a corporate event or birthday party. By the same token, there are certain events at a birthday party that must be captured that do not apply to weddings.

As you talk to prospective photographers, be sure to ask specific questions about the work they have done with events such as yours. Do not accept vague answers as that is an indication that the photographer does not have the experience you need. Insist on a photographer with experience in capturing your event and you will be happy with the results.

Always Get a Second Opinion on the Photographer's Work

It is easy to become enamored with a particular photographer's work and that can prevent you from seeing the potential errors that may be obvious to others. Always take the photographer samples you are considering to at least one other person to get their opinion on the work and help to find the faults you may have missed.

Be Thorough When Discussing Price

Event photographers will give you pricing in one of two ways. They will either quote you a flat rate that "covers the whole event," or they will hand you a schedule of fees that outlines what they charge for each service.

Whenever you discuss pricing with an event photographer, always make sure that you understand what you are getting. Before talking to photographers, you should outline what you expect from the event photographer and make sure that you are getting the services you need in the final price. You may find that the flat rate does not actually cover the whole event and you will need to negotiate additional pricing to get what you want.

Remember that the way the pictures are presented also needs to be part of the negotiations as well. If you just want the unedited images presented in a digital format, then negotiate that up front. Photographers usually have a variety of packages you can choose from for the final product. You should investigate all of your options to get what you want.

Choosing an event photographer is extremely important for your upcoming corporate event, birthday party, or wedding. You will spend a long time planning your event and once a moment at that event has passed, it is gone forever. You expect the photographer to capture those moments and preserve them for you to look at whenever you want. That is why you should never assume anything when it comes to negotiating with a photographer. You need to know what you are looking for from your photographer and be sure to get a written contract that outlines all of the services you will be paying for and receiving.