Special Event Stationers

Every event you will ever plan begins with the invitations. Your choice on the kinds of invitations you will send is the first thing your guests will see and the first exposure your guests will have with your event. The design you choose will have a strong effect on your attendance and the success of your event. The stationers you choose to help you create those invitations are one of the most important initial decisions you will make regarding your event, so it is best to take your time and make the right decision.

The Information Needs To Be Comprehensive

One of the rules of invitations is that all of the important details need to be on the invitation or the guests will not respond. While it is acceptable to have an informational website guests can look at or a phone number they can call, all of the important information needs to be on the invitations themselves.

A good stationer will be able to layout your invitations so that they will have all of the important information readily available for your attendees. As you look at the samples from each stationer you are considering, be sure to pay attention to each stationer's layout skills.

The Information Needs To Be Correct

Your stationer will work with the information you give them, but you cannot expect to get the right results when you give incorrect information. If there is a special spelling of a common first name, then you need to make sure that you get that right when you present the information to the stationer. The best way to insure that you are offering accurate information to the stationer is to write everything up and check it thoroughly before you finalize a stationer arrangement.

Find A Creative Stationer

Wedding invitations are some of the most important invitations an event planner will ever work on and those invitations need to be memorable. That is why you need to find a stationer that is creative and has plenty of good ideas to choose from. A stationer that can work something that is important to the couple into the invitations will help to make the event memorable.

Corporate event invitations need to be creative and professional to insure the best possible attendance. In order for these events to be successful, it is important to fill the venue with potential clients or people who will be able to bestow gifts on the guest of honor. The initial effect the invitation has is important in creating interest for the event.

Get the Product Delivered Weeks Before the Event

Stationers are human and they can make mistakes. You can spend hours going over your invitations with a stationer and still there could be a mistake. The only time this is a disaster is if the invitations arrive at a point where it is too late to do anything about the problem.

When you order your invitations, always discuss the possibility of errors with the stationer. Any stationer who will agree, in writing, to fix errors if they are caught in time is a stationer worth your business. If you get the invitations and other printed materials delivered weeks before they are needed, then you have time to review them and get any errors corrected.

Discuss Options with Your Stationer

You may have an idea as to what you want with your event stationery, but a professional stationer will always have options for you to explore. Your best bet is to keep yourself open to all possible options and discuss those options with your stationer.

The easiest way to get what you really want is to tell your stationer the overall effect you are looking for and let your stationer determine how to achieve that effect. If you are not a professional stationer, then your understanding of your print options are limited. A stationer will be able to take your ideas and turn them into exactly what you want, as long as you give them the chance by opening your mind to the options that are available.

When you plan an event, you plan on maximum attendance. But if you do not hire the right stationer for your invitations, then you are putting your event at a disadvantage. If the invitations and other stationary or printed products at the event are not exactly right, then it takes away from the quality of the event.

Talk to several different stationers before settling on the one that you want to work with and outline everything you need in great detail. When you spend extra time and extra money on the right stationer, you will enhance your event and make it something that your guests will always remember